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Our mission is to ignite the soul of the unlit with the powerful gift of giving, by giving.

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‘Whoring for Whoreshack’
It started with a Doctor’s appointment for a discomfort that would not go away. Then ‘the news’.

Stage 3 cancer with a less than encouraging long term survival rate. Weeks passed and ‘the news’ became stage 4. The overwhelmingly difficult decisions regarding palliative care vs. aggressive chemo/radiation therapy were weighed.

Our friend Mike Betts (aka WhoreShack) decided to endure the aggressive chemo/radiation combination.  With the aide and research of a wide range of medical professionals Mike is also trying alternative medicines.  Anything and everything to have the best possible chance of beating the cruel beast known as Cancer.

Last year the fates shined on Mike and connected him with his soul mate Angela.   Summer 2013 was to be their endless summer of love, happiness, music and dancing.  In June the doctor’s advised Mike to ‘Live your Life’.   Live it, enjoy every moment. Poignant advice for everyone regardless of their circumstances.

With help from family, friends, and QSAROO, Mike and Angie experienced all that could be packed into one summer while also under going treatments and tests.   Mike and Angie made special memories together, with friends, and with Mike’s young daughter Elouise.

The chemo/radiation treatment did not cure Mike.  It did not cause remission.  It did ‘stun’ the cancer, gave it a set back.  Recent tests indicate the set back was temporary.  The pro’s and con’s of additional chemotherapy are being weighed.
While we hope for a miracle to give Mike time to see his daughter grow up,  marry the love of his life, share many more summers of love with his friends and family,  we are not sitting still waiting.  Alternative therapies are expensive and most are not covered by health insurance.  The financial burden resulting from a cancer diagnosis weighs heavily.

This past spring QSAROO created an ‘exchange’ thread : http://inforoo.com/post/1317178/thread and loving dubbed this ‘Whoring for Whoreshack’.  Friends of Mike have donated hand made items/crafts, music and other memorabilia to be exchanged for financial donations to Mike’s fund.   Together we have exchanged several thousands of dollars to help Mike with his medical bills and “Living Life’.

Our current fund raiser is available on E-Bay (Link is on its way).   Bonaroo Works has generously donated a Gibson RD Standard Exclusive autographed by EmmyLou Harris. We hope this incredible donation will result in a significant deposit for Mike’s fund.

While not all are able to donate, well wishes, prayers, and emotional support for Mike and Angie can be given freely.  Please give from the bottom of your heart.

Amy’s Link

Our current featured link is Emmy’s Heart, a wonderful group devoted to putting smiles on the faces of kids fighting serious illnesses. Emmy’s Heart volunteers help these kids feel beautiful and strong by providing tutus and crowns for “butterfly princesses” and capes and masks for “superheroes.” Please pay their website a visit!

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If you have a QSAROO ‘giving story’, given or received, and would like to share it, or would like to contact QSAROO: email info@qsaroo.com.


If you’re interested in contributing to any of our gifts, you can donate via Paypal to donations@qsaroo.com. Let us know if you’d like us to earmark your donation for anything in particular – like the Bonnaroo scholarship, or any other cause we might mention. And please, don’t feel obligated to! We’re by no means trying to campaign for your money; there are so many other ways you can give back or pay it forward.

“To give does not require wealth,
Share from deep within your heart,
And if you’ve never done so yet,
Now is the time to start.”
Excerpt from a Carmen Henesy poem

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